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The goal is to spark action that causes customers to PIN it, POST it, FOLLOW it, LIKE it, SHARE it and CONNECT with it and convert casual lookers into raving fans.

Branding “FUSE” is how we create the connection between customers. Branding “FUSE” enhances your customer’s experience and allows your business to stand far above your competitors. In today’s connected world the goal is to spark action causing customers to PIN it, POST it, FOLLOW it, LIKE it, and CONNECT to you!


Creating Genius is more than an expert creative agency. We are a team of leaders who walk with you every step of the way. We help create the WOW your business deserves. Let us help you stimulate your customers’ senses by creating unique user experiences that convert casual lookers into raving fans.






Creating Genius starts with your objective. Our priority is to make sure we fully understand our client’s true core and vision. Once we can establish the core and vision we can help create an individualized plan or roadmap and we help you implement the plan.


The way you choose to present your business is what separates you from your competitors. In a world full of new ideas the fastest way to stand out is to identify your uniqueness and build your brand. We help you Rock It! We help make sure your customers reach maximum aw and that aw translates into true loyalty.




There are so many ways to grow your brand. There are also hundreds of ways to promote it. The question is not how but what medium or direction will work best for you. That direction and medium you choose to promote your business is crucial. Creating Genius can assist you in growing your business through smart, effective avenues. We do this by creating a clear message, establishing clear and obtainable goals and implementing a structure focused on the growth of your business.


Creating Genius helps people realize their goals. We don’t just build  brands we build futures and change lives.



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