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Michael’s Menu

Everyday individuals from around the world are look to move to the front of the pack in their niche’. Their is so much noise that to be the best you must put your best foot forward, because like the old saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” well that does not apply when it comes to being the best. First impressions matter and the confidence you need to present your message, passion, and experience must make sense to your perfect client. We don’t focus on reach the world but the core target audience and the culture and lifestyle they mostly connect with. We don’t believe in the jack of all traders. We stand by mastery and action. If you are ready to be the true you and are fearless to what the nay sayer think then we can work together to help you release the genius with in.


We are not a quick fix and we believe chemistry and organic growth is the flow we are looking for to help you define your personal brand in the best light.


Just like the top producers in music can not create for every artist neither can we. We are looking to work with opened mind and action driven geniuses that understand the sticking to the process is  key.


So let’s do it together and have an amazing time doing it. Are you ready than click and drop us an email and let schedule a vision session today. ON US!


It’s in your hands now! Hope to talk soon.

Michael Durant  Life’s a Canvas… So Paint Away!

Genius is not born… It’s Released! Drop us a line. 702.899.0219


Get the latest news, blogs, video’s, and exclusive interviews for our Rolodex of ELITE friends and clients. We are RELEASING GENIUS.

Be Unique... Be Relevant... Be Authentic...