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A word from the Creative Mind

Michael Durant

We love inspiring entrepreneurs and doers to create ventures that help push humanity forward. We have had the privilege of managing and consulting various public personalities, local, national, and international brands. We believe your brand should deliver a “WOW”; the kind of branding that stimulates that “ah moment,” that moment that makes your clients want to see more and know more about you.


Here’s the question. “If your brand walked into this room, how would it walk? How would it talk? Who would it talk to? And how would it dress?” This approach will help bring personality to your personal brand.


We understand the core business fundamentals and, more importantly, the changes in consumer behavior and the market. Mastery of imagination, creative design, style, color, and brand imagery is combined with over a decade of strategic planning. We’ve empowered corporations, start-ups, and entrepreneurs to convert casual lookers into raving fans.


So “business as usual” is not always so usual. So, let’s do it together creating experiences that propel people to share, post, like, pin, and follow you.

Personal Branding Las Vegas


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