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A word from the Money Mind

Nate C. Smith

Nate’s diverse experience has given him a deep insight into the context of business ownership. His perception and expertise are sought after by a range of businesses competing in today’s fast-moving environment.


“It’s all about building a business that actually works, and then works without you”, says Nate. “I’ve always been less fascinated with the nature of a particular business than the mechanics of what makes a business successful.”


After moving to the US, Nate joined the ranks of the world’s #1 business coaching firm in 2007, making it his mission to work with entrepreneurs & business owners who want to excel in business. He joined forces with Michael Durant, who he’d initially worked with in 2010, and Smith Durant was born.


Nate’s approach is about fundamentals. Every business has them. They are your team, systems, sales and marketing, business development and planning.


His approach to business growth is about creating something that actually works, and then works without you, to provide greater freedom and the lifestyle you deserve.

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